A Day In Oregon

There are many must see places in Oregon. I haven’t visited many places, but I know of a few. Portland is one place that I highly recommend to visit; Portland is our own version of New York City, or whatever city is big and has many buildings. A favorite place of mine in Portland is Powell’s Book Store because it has over 68,000 square feet packed with books and their building called City of Books claims to be the largest new and used bookstore in the world. Another cool place is the site of Warped Tour concerts each year (which is being held at the Portland Expo Center parking lot this year). Also, there are a ton of music stores there. For me, Portland is for the colder months. When it gets warm out, the coast is a great place: typically Florence or Newport. It’s fun to camp there or just spend the day on the beach.

Other than places, Oregon has some pretty cool history, and there are a bunch of famous people who were born here or lived here! Some people are Kellin Quinn ( vocalist of the band Sleeping With Sirens), Keegan Allen ( Pretty Little Liars star), and George ‘Buck’ Flower (Back To The Future actor). Personally, my favorite is Kellin Quinn. ┬áMany shows were also filmed here; did you know that Twilight, Goonies, and Animal House were all filmed in Oregon? Well, since I gave you some of information and cool places to visit in Oregon, try out this small quiz!!

1. What is the name of the bookstore in Portland that claims to be the largest?

A. Barnes & Noble

B. Powell’s City Of Books

C. New Renaissance Bookshop

D. Target

2. Which movie was NOT filmed in Oregon?

A. Twilight

B. Gonnies

C. Walking Across Egypt

D. Animal House

3. Which star was born in Oregon?

A. Keegan Allen

B. Josh Hutcherson

C. Liam Hemsworth

D. Lea Michele

4. Where is this years Warped Tour Oregon stop being held?

A. Autzen Stadium

B. Husky Stadium

C. PK Park

D. Portland Expo Center Parking Lot

Answers: 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.D

2 thoughts on “A Day In Oregon”

  1. G’day Jessie,
    I have visited Oregon a couple of times when I have been in USA. I also love the coast. While I was there, I was intrigued with the tsunami evacuation sign posts. We have nothing like that in Tasmania where I live.

    Great little quiz with answers – make sure your visitors read your post first.

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