The Woods


Photo Credit: Pavel P. via Compfight cc

Alex and Alan walked through the woods on a nice summer day which was quickly ending. Soon they grew tired, though. They got to a small stream as they grew irritable with each other. Alan decided it would be fun to splash some water at Alex and they got into an intense water fight. Alex didn’t realize it but a gigantic bear was right behind him. “Umm… Alex…. Look behind You…” Said Alan.

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One thought on “The Woods”

  1. As alex went to turn around to look, the bear growled at them… Alex and Alan stood super still and stared at the huge angered beast, “Alan… what do we do? If we run it will just follow us!” Alex whispered scaredly. “I have an idea, do you still have those granola bars in your pocket?” “NO I ATE IT EARLI-” “SHHH” Alan exclaimed as the bear walked closer “what do we do, what do we doo?!” Alan was freaking out “Alan… I have an idea, i’ll distract the bear and you escape.” “WHAT? NO I CAN’T LEAVE YOU HERE!” Alan was starting to tear up “I don’t want you to become bear food!” Alex sighed and saw the bear coming closer. then alex noticed a fish near his foot so he decided to kick the fish at the bear “RUN ALAN RUUUN!” Alex yelled, Alan and Alex ran out of the woods as fast as they could back home. The End :3

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